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Welcome to the exciting world of modern Olympic competition!
Maryland, District Of Columbia, Virginia.|Phone: 202-575-2592 | Mail:   P.O. Box 41205, Washington, DC| 

Everyone is welcomed.

No matter your fitness level or taekwondo background we will train you from beginner to elite competor status. We practice competitive taekwondo sparring and self defense. 
We will work with you to provide the best taekwondo experience with your level of fitness and expertese. 


Local focus, global impact Taekwondo Class.

Tornado Taekwondo, LLC has developed a martial arts, sports and fitness program providing the highest quality instruction in modern competitive Taekwondo. Since 1990, Tornado Taekwondo, LLC has served Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. In association with the Howard University Taekwondo Club, Tornado Taekwondo, LLC has produced many state, collegiate and National Champs. 

Master Mark E. Baker has been at the forefront of Taekwondo development in Washington, DC, and is a past Vice President of the DC Taekwondo Association. He is also the assistant instructor of the Howard University Taekwondo Club. 

Historic locations 

Tornado Taekwondo, LLC has serverd several Washington DC locations: Road Island Ave Metro Area, Convention Center, Howard University, Shaw U Street neigborhood area, DeanWood, Hillcrest, American University, NOMA area, Union Station, Sursum Corda, Logan Circle, Tinley Circle, Mckinley Tech, and Eckington. 
More information on current locations In the locations and times tab.